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Cass - May 16, 2021

I am still here! Things, as usual are just so hectic. So, here's what has been going on:

A Co-Host who is just as political as I am, suggested we create a political podcast and well, Politics totally affect women and the lives they strive to lead, so we jumped in, barefoot and all, and started COOK'N Politics. We try to follow the events that our elected officials are dallying in and then we talk about it. Let me tell ya, those taxpayer salaried Representatives, Senators, Leader of the House, Leader of the Senate, the President, and all his appointees are constantly doing, saying, frauding, Sexing, Lying and or trying to get something done, every day..... It is actually very difficult to have a full time job, run a farm by yourself and keep up with the Podcasting! The Cohost who suggested this? Out on sabbatical... So, I am running this solo and its kicking my butt, lol.

But, the cows have all calved with their healthy little babies, the Bull has romanced the momma cows and Heifers so, other than trying to keep the lawn mowed and the veggie garden going...... I ought to be able to spend more time on Pods and Blogs!

May is Mental Health month and I am hoping to get the Mental Health Pod published today. Then I can get caught up on the C'NP pods... That is, if it does rain today and I can go Mow and sow veggies!

Thank you to everyone still following, reach out and give us some feed back!

Follow us on facebook: coming out of the kitchen.

Keep standing like a superhero!

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