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With all of the theatrics flooding the daily news and all of the social media outlets, there seems to have been but a mere glitch of congrats sent out to congratulate the EXTRODARY feat that one women achieved on November 3rd, 2020.... add to that 4 more days to get the official declaration.... the 2020 Vice President Elect of the United States of America ---


And yet here we are, November 16, 2020 and all we hear about is that the current President, who was out voted by 5+MILLION American voters, is refusing to concede to the new President/Vice President elect.

This alone is nothing short of an embarrassment to the citizens of the United States of America, as well as USA's reputation to the entire world.... I have NEVER heard of an American President EVER having done such a childish thing. And while the President is suing everyone in every state that he can, one can not help but see that the President is also asking/begging his followers to contribute to his "legal fund".... And well, it has been proven that he has moved 65% of these donations to a PAC fund that he recently created. Enough about him, I just wanted to give some background on why we are not seeing more celebrations for the historic accomplishment that Ms. Harris obtained. Now, lets talk about Ms. Harris, Vice President Elect.


Oh my gosh! I love this! This quote of hers just speaks volumes to me. But I rode in on the skirt hems of the women before me. And like all women today, I had No IDEA how suppressed women are. Some ladies today think that we are not suppressed, They think and quote what they are told "if you want something bad enough, and work hard enough, you can get it"...

Having been raised on a farm and taught to work side by side with my brothers in the fields and barns etc. I have absolutely NO idea that women were not treated equally. When I was sent off to get a job, I was politely told many many different reasons why I could not advance in my career. So, to see a woman obtain the 2nd highest job in the entire United States of America? I wish I could have invited everyone out to the farm to have a mask mandated, 6ft safety distanced firework and champagne party!!!!

So, today I tried to do some research on this incredible woman.

Kamala Harris was born October 20, 1964 and now, I will "date" myself. This badass woman is but ONE YEAR younger than I am.... So, while I was fighting to advance in the corporate world, raising 2 children on my own.... This gal was conquering the "glass ceiling" !

She was the FIRST Black WOMAN elected District Attorney, California.

She was the FIRST Black WOMAN elected Attorney General of California.

She was the FIRST Indian (India) WOMAN elected US America Senator.

First Black & Asian American Elected VICE PRESIDENT of the USA!

Some history I have found on her, she attended Both the Black Baptist Church & a Hindu Temple.

Attended Howard University majoring in Political Science & Economics.

This woman is amazing, and I can not wait to share more of my findings of her history and future endeavors with everyone, but, for now, I must go feed some cows.

Until next time, Remember to straighten your Super Power Cape and stand Tall!

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