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Cass, November 10, 2020

This is a legitimate question, for sure.

To say that things have been hectic, would be an understatement. So, where have we been?

My cohosts and I have created this Blog, Podcast to focus on women’s issues and that is exactly what we have been doing.

A little background, two of us are moms with small children, one is a grandmother with a serious health condition and one is a mom with grown children, a day job and runs a farm by herself. So, as we try extra hard to book interviews for the podcast, update the social media, interview and edit the podcasts for launch, we are still working women trying to help other working women out.

Ok, lets recap! We were able to interview 6 political candidates, lost two of them in the internet world, we were able to edit and post four of them.

Now, we are working our way back to locking in interesting interviews to share on the podcast.

However, in recapping the political interviews, its safe to say that I have not done that much research since High School! I learned SO much about the ins and outs of politics, and I hope I asked all the right questions to give our listeners a better understanding of said candidates.

We were also able to interview a wonderful representative from Harmony House, because October is National Domestic Violence awareness month.

Again, I did not know what I expected to learn from this amazing company, but I was blown away with all the information that was shared with us.

Now here we are with an election over/not over, seriously I never ever thought I would experience something like this 2020 presidential election. Never ever would I have thought one guy could lose by 5 MILLION votes and still claim that he won!

But the most important thing: THE VERY FIRST EVER FEMALE WAS ELECTED AS THE VICE PRESIDENT, AND she is Black/Asian!!!! Oh my gosh! FINALLY! This alone is so amazing! Women can bring things to the table that men do not even think about, which results in more educated decisions that affect everyone in a more positive way. On that note, I share a quote I came across: “ If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair” Kamala Harris.

Before I go too far down the rabbit hole with my political knowledge, let me change the topic.

I have veered off my reading list of feminist material to read a book that I have wanted to read for years: Killers of the Flower Moon, by David Grann.

An incredible story based on a true story. Native Americans were driven off their land and found themselves on scrubby Oklahoma land, that no one wanted…. Until oil was discovered and through legal negotiations, the Natives were to be Headrights to the oil. To say the least, I am guessing ya’ll know how that sat with the New Americans…

Men would actually marry the Native women, have children with them and kill the women, men, sometimes children, to inherit the rights to the oil..

Such a chilling story, that while one would think, well that was in the 20”s (1920), you can still hear stories of this happening in our current years (2020). It’s almost like, the human race can never over come the evil, I don’t know.

I did not mean to leave you with a “downer” story, but I must jump off here and feed some animals.

Until next time, bring your folding chair with you, wherever you go!

Coming out of the kitchen, where ever you listen to your favorite podcasts, and please do not forget to rate and review the pods that you listen to!

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