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I got a Little Behind on Posting

It’s been Awhile, I am sorry

Cass – September 9, 2020

It has been awhile since I have been able to Blog, in my defense, so much stuff has been going on.

Work, limited hours, Physical Therapy, the cow and the interviews.

My co-hosts and I were so excited to get to interview Missouri nominees for elected office on our podcast: Coming Out of the Kitchen, that I have been a bit tied up with researching for the podcasts.

Fast forward to this week, 2020, and all the news blowing up out of and about the White House, it is crazy!

So, tonight I am going to blog about the very latest news ( 6:10 PM, 9/9/2020), the President announced that he has made his list of who will be on his list to nominate for Supreme Justice.

O.K. so, there is NOT a current opening but, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had some health issues, and she is getting up there in age. So, I guess the President decided to announce who he wants to replace her with… Nothing says “hurry up and die so I can choose your replacement” any louder.

He announced that he has chosen current senators: Josh Hawley - Missouri, Tim Cotton – Arkansas, and Ted Cruz – Texas.

Tim Cotton was the first one to make a comment “its time to reverse Roe v Wade”. I seriously could not believe he beat Josh Hawley to make this comment and I can only guess that Ted Cruz was having a celebration with his family and friends and just, well, missed his opportunity.

This is bad people. This is seriously sad.

The first thought that came to my mind were the Chinese when they were told that they could only have ONE child… The parents made the horrific decision to kill their baby girls, because they needed a male child to care for them in their old age. That is their culture, the male child cares for the parents. Should they have a daughter and she grows up to marry, her husband would be obligated to care for HIS parents. So, they killed their children.

Before Roe v Wade, here in the United States of America, women drank poison. Women used wire clothes hangers. Women beat themselves in the belly. Women killed themselves.

In 1973, Roe v Wade was passed.

In 2020, Congressman Mitch McConnell told all of America that he “did not believe in it”. It was the Equal Rights Amendment that Virginia just ratified.

So, women “can’t be” discriminated against as far as gender, but gal, that’s all you get, if you can prove it. That is all it is.

The Civil Rights Act passed for colored people, Heads up, they are still fighting for the equal rights that they were granted.

The Native Americans won equal rights, heads up, they are STILL fighting for them.

But women, women of all colors can not get equal rights.

White women FINALLY get to receive up to $.81 cents on the dollar of their male co-worker. They call this the “Maternity Tax”.

Black women are making around $.75 cents on the dollar of their male co-worker.

Latinos and Asians, well, I am just too embarrassed to tell you their ratio wage.

I bring up these facts to tell you, ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

I think that the USA can reverse the Roe vs Wade all they want. They think they are saving precious babies lives.

I looked at the pictures of those precious babies that this president put is what is basically a dog cage. Those beautiful, scared little babies, oh my gosh, it breaks my heart.

These elected officials are not going to save the precious beautiful babies born in this country. Look at what they have done to the Native American babies, the black babies, the brown babies, Asian babies that have been born in this country.

Women are going to think, as we do, how do I survive?

The women with health issues will avoid any chance of getting pregnant, it could kill them. Should they get pregnant, they will look for anyway to get “unpregnant” because they already have child/ren.

The women who have low paying jobs, they will seek out a way to prevent them from bringing a child into this world that they cannot afford to feed, clothe, house. Even if the clothes hanger makes them bleed out.

The wealthy women, no problem, they schedule a business trip or vacation, overseas.

The rates of abortion dropped substantially when President Bill Clinton was in office because he was pro choice and made sure that birth control was available.

This president, and his congress are totally against BIRTH CONTROL and ABORTION.

Women, you can email me and I can send you books to read to back up what I have just said,

If this current President is voted back into office along with his old timer congress, we are screwed.

This is concerning to me, for you…. I no longer worry about pregnancy, I was able to get my “tubes tied”.

You younger gals though, please pay attention before it is too late.

I get a bit vocal on my thoughts, I do try to research my material though.

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