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Well, We're Coming Out...


"You girls need to leave," the teacher said to Sarah and me. "This class is for men." It was a Midwest high school, we had entered a Career Day classroom to learn more about how to become veterinarians.


. . . .

"You need to get up to the house. This isn't for girls."

My dad wasn't mean, but he was firm. Even being the oldest of five on the farm, I was never allowed to see what REALLY went on with the cows. I was curious about what my dad and younger brothers were doing with them, but until I was a senior in high school, it was a mystery to me.

I was the oldest, and didn’t I live on the farm, too? Why was I the only one who had to go in the house? I didn’t understand, and my feelings were hurt, but this is just one memory of not being included in what the men in my life were doing.


. . . .

"Don't you stop when you hit someone with your car?!" A stream of vulgar swears came next.

The man who had climbed onto the back of my small sedan at an intersection was now screaming into my window. He had chased my car into the parking garage, all the way to the top, to degrade me and vandalize my car. As if screaming insults at the intersection and climbing onto my bumper when I had accidentally cut him off on his jog wasn't enough.

A professor came to walk me to class, and I was ashamed to cry in front of him.


. . . .


This is our blog. We have a podcast, too--you'll hear a lot about it.

This idea came about after spending a day reminiscing about childhood, school days, and talking about the jobs we’ve had, what we had once wanted and where we ended up. What we decided was that it was high time for us to get out of our proverbial kitchen, and put in our two cents about equality, culture, and what it means to be a woman in the United States. In this crazy year of 2020, we have plenty to talk about.

We are Cass, Freda, Mo and Kat. On the blog, we'll discuss various news articles that catch our eye, current events, or random soap-box rants that we happen to step onto that day. On the podcast, we aim to sit down and chat with various people to hear their stories and document the experiences of the women, people of color, and men in our lives. We have so much to say, and we can't wait to share it with you.

So that's our story. What's your story?

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