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Why is My Uterus More Important to You Than I Am?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Hi all. Cass, here.

Here we are, less than 90 days away from what is probably going to be the most heated Presidential election that our country has ever had. So, its a pretty good bet that the Abortion rants and debates will begin shortly.

Personally, I am so disgusted that my ability to create a human life has to be governed by our government. So many republicans belly up to their bullhorns and pulpits to scream at ANYONE who dares to tell them what they can and cannot do with their bodies. Take Masks, we are in one of the worst pandemics to ever hit our country. And while our current President was, as we later found out, purposely late in taking any action, he is ready to proclaim his disdain for birth control, abortion.

Many republicans have been caught on camera, shoving, hitting, cussing out people who wear a mask. They have gone so far as to cause some people to have to seek medical treatment for broken bones! I do feel safe labeling these people republican, some are decked out in their political party shirts and hats, others just cuss at people wearing masks and call them degrading names that end with democrat. These republicans, are so outraged that ANYONE who tells them what they do with their bodies is violating their "constitutional rights", are the same people who are telling me what I and cannot do with my uterus.

Many of you who know me, know that I am in no way a professional writer. I am outspoken if not, passionate about my views and I do try to research as much as I possibly can regarding issues that I am passionate about. So, to help me prepare for this topic I have been reading a book by Christiana Page called "How The Pro-Choice Movement Saved America Freedom, Politics And The War On Sex". Besides the books crazy long title, its packed full of factual evidence on some peoples war on my uterus.

Page writes that studies have done that show the use of contraception reduces the probability of Abortion by 85%.

Why am I sharing this information on a blog about Abortion? Because for the life of me, I have Never been able to figure out why so many people want to ban abortion. If you don't want to have an abortion, don't have one! Lord knows these folks going after our uteruses are NOT standing in line to adopt any kids. So, what is their end game?

Well, Mrs. Page did a wonderful job of answering that question. I just want to share one of the facts that she wrote about. During the Bill Clinton Presidency, our 1st pro-choice president America had the MOST dramatic DECLINE in abortion rates. She writes that by the end of Clintons Presidency, the abortion rate dropped to the lowest it in a quarter of a century. That alone just jumped out at me. A pro-choice President, achieved what the pro-lifers are always screaming about.

Christiana Page starts her book out telling the stories of 3 women, a rape victim, a married woman and a single woman. All in the state of Texas, had received from their doctor a prescription for the "morning after pill". This pill prevents a woman's body from becoming pregnant within so many hours after sex. Well, as the women submitted their prescription to the pharmacy, each woman at different pharmacies, and they were all denied the medication due to the pharmacists religious beliefs.

The rape victim was devastated. The married woman went home to get her husband to return with her to get the medication and both were still refused the medication. The single mother went home and got her DAD and returned to get the medication, denied again. One of the women even had to call the police because the pharmacy refused to give her the prescription back so that she could try to find another pharmacy to fill it. One was refused advise on what pharmacy would fill it and the other lady, she drove 35 miles to another town to get the medicine prescribed to her.

What does this tell you, if you read between the lines? My first thought was, the book The Handmaiden's Tale, they are just trying to keep us women under their thumb. Pregnant, baby making machines, like that's all women are good for. Don't get me started on the free range judgmental practices they seem to be addicted to toward women, pregnancy and babies. As I listened to or read the stories of states or politicians going all out to ban abortion. Some have tried to have women arrested for abortion. Others have tried to make laws to imprison DOCTOR'S who so much as advise a woman on abortion. I just could not for the life of me figure this out. Well, God Bless Christina Page, she spelled it all out for me. It IS the religious aspect of it. The Holier Than Thou, want to punish women for having sex. There is so much more that I want to discuss on this topic, I just haven't finished the book yet. I feel like this is an extremely important issue to discuss though and I hope some of you might take a few minutes and let me know your thoughts on this. Just click on the contact link and send me an email. Thank you.

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